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Bad boys week - 7/7

The black leather barbarians. Pat Stadley.
Signet book. 1967.
Signet book. 1960.
New English Library. 1969.

Bad boys week - 6/7

Out of the burning. Ira Henry Freeman. Permabook. 1961.
Mission impossible. Wesley E. Smith. Pyramid book. 1969.
The young punks. Leo Margulies. Pyramid book. 1963.

Bad boys week - 5/7

Stolen from our friend at Blonde Zombies.

Bad boys week - 4/7

Property of. Alice Hoffman. Fawcett Crest book. 1977.
Jungle. Michael Brett. Dell book. 1976.

Bad boys week - 3/7

Run tough, run hard. Carson Bingham. Monarch books. 1964. Cover Ray Johnson.

Bad boys week - 2/7

Surprising encounter in Paris between Peter fonda, Aguigui Mouna and few french black leather jackets. Fonda talks about Hells Angels in California and they compare hand fighting technics ! One french guy invite him to go to Bastille area to meet "real tough guys" ! At the end of the doc, Peter talks about writing and poetry ! Really nice little doc (5 minutes) rarely seen. No date but probably '65 or '66.

Bad boys week - 1/7

Walk soflty walk deadly. Lee Bergman. Belmont books. 1963.

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Unpopular culture at its best since 1991 !


Little Bob

Rocking since 1974. Little Bob the name for rock'n'roll in France.


Deadlicious at Le Bon Marché Paris

Yes, our chokies featuring in the last edition of La Grande Epicerie Paris catalog. Art by Walter Minus !


Food Fighters

Ghetto librettos - Philippe Garnier

Excellent review by Philippe Garnier about mexican ghetto librettos. Liberation. 25/08/04.