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Filo Loco

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Collection Pschitt - Pierre Horay

in 1946 Pierre Horay (1910 -1978) bought les éditions de Flore and created les éditions Horay. Pierre Horay was a " different " editor, original, eclectic (Audouard, Véry, Séchan...) and famous for his "coups de coeur" and his boldnesses, fan of 1900's art as of modern art. We ca n define his work with 3 qualifiers: seriousness - unusual - cheerful and in brief: atypical. The Pschitt collection starts in early 50's: (french) humor and cool covers.


Vintage colors

Various colors from '70's motorcycle gangs. From my favourite japanese blog, Fuck you heroes '78. I dream I could read it !


Young Aslan

Published by Les Editions du Simplon in 1954, here're 3 book covers drawn by Aslan. Note that the 1st one is signed under his real name, Gourdon. Few weeks later he left Gourdon to his brother Michel and began to sign as Aslan.

Siamese marvels

Here're few photographs and engravings from Paul Gilson collection.


Facetasm - Charles Burns & Gary Panter

Some weird faces done with this fantastic book that I'm never tired to play with!