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Filo Loco

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Cool people throw rocks !



Photos from "A pictorial history of horror movies", Denis Gifford, Hamlyn Gondola Book, 1983.

Miroir du fantastique

French mag, 1968.

King Satan

Les siamoises

Comics by Barrué. 1968.

Filles de joie

Movie directed by Daniel Tinayre. 1962.

The Monster Times

Issue 25.

Lucha Libre heroes

Photos from Ze Craignos Monsters, Le re-retour, Editions Vents d'Ouest, 1998. Jean-Pierre Putters.


The Indiscreet Confessions of a Nice Girl

Anonymous. Lion Books, 1950.

Quand elles se mettent à cogner...

Bewis Winter. "Angels Bruise Easy", Editions Le Trotteur, 1953.


The Blackboard Jungle, Evan Hunter. Cardinal Edition. 1955.
Juvenile Jungle, Firth Counsel. Avon Publications, 1958. Based on the movie "Juvenile Jungle".

James Bond - Cards

I just remember I bought the complete set at a comic con in London, about 20 years ago !