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Anastasia et le syndicat du crime - Robert Tescher/Jan Mara

This book from 1958 tells the story of Albert Anastasia and the Murder inc. Lot of wild and trash scenes in a pure Pulp Fiction style.
Cover by Jan Mara (1912-1992) great caricaturist.

Salut! - Panini 88

Do you miss them?


Ape literature

I want their baby!

Hells Angels - Spring 1967

Sonny, Tiny, Magoo... Oakland legends.

Photoshop for real

Students in graphic design at Central St Martins, London Henry Hadlow and Ed Cornish used a camera to mimic common Photoshop effects. Thanks.


I didn't have so much time to look for more Topor, but I... Will ; )

Movie ad printing plates

Lucky enough I was to find "Phase IV", one of my favourites ever! Saul Bass rules!


Ham art - Rutger de Vries

Funny artworks by Rutger de Vries, deutsh artist. Thanks Astrid.


Daniel "Jivaro" Meurine - Moto anglaise specialist!

"Bigger than life"... That's what you say in English about someone very special, right? Well, Jivaro is "bigger than life"! This guy knows everything about British motorcyles, especially BSA... He's a real "motorcycle enthusiast". I met a lot of riders, bikers or racers during my 25 years of riding, but I never met another Jivaro. He's so unique that Frank Margerin, the french cartoonist (I'll soon post about him) did put Jivaro in various stories. He left Paris few years ago to install his vintage motorcycle repair shop in Auvergne. I didn't see him and his lovely wife Maryse "Jivarette" since that time. Big up to them... If they ever read my stuff!

Michel Gourdon - Postcard set