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New year card - Margerin

Year 2000 greeting card by Frank Margerin.


My to-do list for 2010

I should be pretty busy during the next year!



Arrête le cinéma !.. - Diégo Suarez

Editions de la Seine (Guerber). Collection Rafale. Cover by J. David.


Mood of the day

Yes! Thx Pierre for your always great images selection !



Meet more of them at sooperhero.

Strange 100 - Lug

Issue 100. April 1978. With the spider-man iron on transfer paper !


Russian Tattoo

From Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia, volume III.


Mme Soleil - Ma vie et ses secrets

Autobiography. Fayard. 1971. Madame Soleil (her real name, meaning "sun"). 1913-1996, was a famous french astrologer. Holding radio shows and newspaper chronicles during many years.

Merry Christmas

Les brebis tondues

Geneviève Manceron. Ditis. Détective Club. 1959.

Paris skins

Rue Pierre Sarrazin, June 1987. Mad Max, Bat, Willy, Tobi.


Commando Spatial

Solar. 1967. From Rolf Honold and W. G. Larsen's German TV serial "Raumpatrouille" (1966). Adaptation by René Barjavel and Pierre Lamblin.


Bardo Thödol

From the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Editions Maisonneuve. 1970.


Le baiser à la veuve - André Héléna

Editions E Vinay. Lyon. 1953. Cover by Jef de Wulf. Coll. Les Compagnons du destin.


Horror decals


Editions Raoul Solar. Collection Le Dragon. 1948

Tipomexx in Brussels - From 8 to 16/01/2010

Jimmy Pantera presents Tipomexx, an exhibition about Mexican typography...lot of collectibles (posters, lobbies, mags....) from his own collection, Bronco Billy and Jelly Fish (vj) and Deadlicious pies and chocolates for the opening the 7 ! Don't miss this party !


Dictionnaire de l'Amour

Du neuvième enfer au septième ciel. Claude-Henri Leconte. Les Feuillets Noirs. 1949. Cover by Marie Mitterand.

Blue Demon Jr. - El Demonio Azul

Blue Demon Jr. as he assists to a prez Felipe Calderon speech. From Time "The year in pictures". Thx Jimmy !


La lame du Diable


Ange Gabrielli - Ange Bastiani

Série Blonde. Editions de Paris. 1956-1957.


Le surréalisme au cinéma - Ado Kyrou

This is The reference book about surrealism, its cinema and cult films. Written by French film critic, filmmaker and cultural historian Ado(nis) Kyrou (1923-1985). Not only all of surrealism heroes appear in the book (Richter, Man Ray, Dali, Duchamp, Bunuel, Cocteau), but also their precursors in cinema, especially Georges Mélies and the Franju's Fantomas serials... First published in 1953 by Eric Losfeld at Editions Arcanes and in 1963 (this revised edition) at Le Terrain Vague.

Curée pour un caid défunt

Peter Randa. Fleuve Noir. 1968. Cover by Gourdon.


Buckle - Laurent Deguitre

Buckle made by Laurent Deguitre, Paris. 1988.