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Filo Loco

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Celebrity Money Bills Optical Illusion

Funny money and more optical illusions here.

Teenage Babylon

The '50's/'60's cream of the cream on these japanese cd's compils. Nearly 500 titles, from The Ravens to Freddy Cannon, from The Jesters to Billy Mack... And many more that I've never heard before! Also check the cool covers!

Boris Karloff portraits

Just like that!


Stephen King - Autographed postcard

Last night I found this forgotten postcard between some papers. And I just remembered the King himself sent it to me long time ago ('83?). At this time I was a big King's fan (I'm still!). I asked his address to Marc A. Michaud from Arkham House who I met with my uncle and sent a basic fan letter...


Arana Negra - Photonovels

From Argentina came this mysterious masked girl... Published by Record following Killing sucess.

Harma Heikens

Deutch sculptress Harma Heikens works are both adorable and highly disturbing.