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Filo Loco

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Philip José Farmer - 1918-2009

I'll post soon some more stuff.


Joe Coleman

Reading the last post of the excellent Jerry Frissen about Joe Coleman, made me remember of that photo that photographer Joel Vogt took at Joe's apartment in Brooklyn, when visiting him in 2002. Here, Joe is showing to us a work in progress, surrounded by a lot of stuff and weird collectibles ! Great souvenir indeed !

Gold about "Los Tigres..." - MUCHaboutART Party

Lucha party at MUCHaboutART in Bruxelles for the openning of Lucha art and Los Tigres del Ring exhibition. Jimmy book signing and more to see at Deadlicious™ Nation. Don't miss the closure !


La vie secrète de l'homme invisible

I guess some of our friends ( Robo ? Losfeld ? ) already posted about this erotic novel, but I still love the cover !

Them !

Classic monsters and nostalgia are always welcome here ! Them, issue 1, Glasgow, 1991.

Hells Angels - The strange cult of motorcycle gangs

Saturday Evening Post. Famous issue from 1965-20-11. Wayne Miller cover.

Bob Morane - Le Fulmar

All you got to know about Bob Morane is in it ! A very interesting study about the hero and his universe, villains, locations, Henri Vernes and Jean Ray...By Rémy Gallart and Pierre charles.

Bibliothèque Aérienne

Interesting collection by Les Humanoides Associés, 1977-1978. Reprinting of forgotten texts by Jules Verne, Edgar Poe, Gaston Leroux... And cool covers too, in a kind of Bazooka style... unsigned.

Maurice Raphaël

Born Victor Marie Lepage in 1918, (died in 1977), he published 11 books between 1948 and 1954 using Maurice Raphaël alias. The best known is "Ainsi soit-il" (éditions du Scorpion 1948, Éric Losfeld, 1969). Breton and Raymond Guérin admired him but the books didn't sell very well. Maurice Raphaël changed his name and began a carreer of roman noir and erotic novels writer in 1954. Untill his death he published about 100 novels as Zep Cassini, Ange Gabrielli, Ralph Bertis, Vic Vorlier, Luigi da Costa, Hugo Prince... And Ange Bastiani. During WWII, Lepage worked with the French Gestapo, in the Bony-Lafont gang. I'll post soon more about his work as Ange Bastiani.

Skin tattoos

Photos of Italian guys. From Skinstreet by Angelo Sindaco. Drago, 2007.

Pulp illustrators

4 of the greatests : Virgil Finlay, Stephen Lawrence, Hannes Bok, Alex Raymond. From a portfolio published in 1977 by Editions Déesse.

Alain Saint-Ogan

The work of Alain Saint-Ogan (1895-1974) for french newspaper Le Parisien Libéré. Editions Serg, 1974.