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Filo Loco

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Kiki Picasso

Born Christian Chapiron in 1956 in Nice. "Artctivist" in "Bazooka Group" (1977), "Un Regard Moderne" (1978)...


L'expérience démoniaque - Ernest de Gengenbach

Ernest de Gengenbach (1903-1973), used to walk dressed as a catholic priest among his surrealist friends. In 1931 he wrote "La Papesse du diable" signing J. Sylvius with P. de Ruysnes (Pierre Renaud). "L'expérience démoniaque" is from 1945 (1949 for this edition). And you know what is weird ? This post about Satan and esoterism is post #... 666! True!


Roman de l'invisible

SEG, 1955.


Ingrid Pitt

Some great shots of "Countess Dracula" from this limited signed edition booklet.


Anti-mondes - Editions Opta

Interesting sci-fi french collection of "classics" authors.


Les Romans Américains - Editions Ferenczi

French adaptation of american romance novels. Early 50's.


Antoine Bernhart - Music from hell

Thanks to our friend Losfeld I discovered this amazing and crazy artist who I only knew for his covers for the Meteors and the Cramps. His universe is made of bondage, violence and many other obsessions common to modern Japanese sex art. Very brutalbut very beautifully done.
Explicit adult material and some scenes that may shock on his site... you've been warned!