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Filo Loco

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Weld with some class

The new Hoodlum custom welding helmets collection is now available at your nearest dealer.
Conceived and designed by field welders, all of the hoods accept a variety of lenses and head gear configurations and can be easily outfitted with the very latest field options. The light weight, heat resistant base material of the Hoodlum hoods insures comfort and safety while on the job — and any one of the designs is sure to attract the attention of co-workers !

The bloody art of Suehiro Maruo

Maruo's art is a strange mix of nostalgia, humor and cruelty, just between Tod Browning's Freaks and Bellmer's dolls ! Born in 1956, he is considered as a master of macabre and erotic grotesque manga (Bara-iro no Kaibutsu, 1982). Composer John Zorn used Suehiro illustrations for the liner art of his band Naked City's albums. Zorn has contributed the foreword to Suehiro's latest collection of works (published in 2005).

Daniel Emilfork

Born in Chile from a family native of Odessa (Ukraine) avoiding pogroms, Daniel Emilfork (1924-2006), born Zapognikof, reaches France in the 50s. Formed in the comedy by Roger Blin and Tania Balachova, the actor imposes at once his worrying physical appearance and an east accent. To the theater, he makes sensation in the classic directory, notably playing Shakespeare, Lorca or Tchekov. Noticed by Marc Allégret, he begins in the cinema in Futures Vedettes (1955 ), with Jean Marais and Brigitte Bardot. From then on, the actor is going to stand out as one of the inescapable supporting roles of the French cinema. Historic drama (Notre Dame de Paris, Le Triomphe de Michel Strogoff), espionage (OSS 117 se déchaîne), film noir (Les Espions) or horror movies (Midi Minuit), Emilfork investigates all the genres and all the supports (Chéri Bibi on tv), composing delicious characters. "Gueule" of the french cinema, he is also on the international scene, supervised by Clive Donner (What's new, Pussycat?), Peter Ustinov (Lady L.), George Cukor and especially Federico Fellini (Casanova). Daniel Emilfork knows a return in grace thanks to Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, who entrust him in 1994 for the play of the scientist thief of children's dreams in La Cité des Enfants Perdus.

Ultimate tattoos

Get some info about tattoos symbols and meanings here before getting your face tattoed.

Robert A. Macguire - Cover art

Robert A. Maguire (1921-2005), renowned and respected illustrator/artist, whose half-century-plus contribution to cover art stands with the titans of the industry. Maguire's over 600 covers for such publishers as Pocket, Dell, Ace, Harper, Avon, Silhouette, Ballantine, Pyramid, Bantam, Lion, Berkeley, Beacon and Monarch - virtually every mainstream publishing house in New York - makes his original cover art a tour de force in the last half of the twentieth century.
His classic art period (50's and 60's) is timeless just as the femme fatale is !

Poulpe fiction

Dive to the bottom of internet and find the most silly website dedicated to octopus. Yes !


Hellstown Rebels

These Texans badass guys play a pure punk rockab' ! See what I mean...

Find the differences game

Look carefully at these 2 jackets and try to find the 8 differences between them. One is an original Hells Angels jacket. The other one came once from outer space and came back to it so fast !

Small Faces - Where actually is Itchycoo Park ?

There has been speculation about the actual location of Itchycoo Park.
"Itchycoo Park is a name East End kids used to give to any local park (Manor Park) where vagrants congregated (when I was a kid in the East End in the '60s)." (Paul Williams)
The name comes about because the park was notorious for the stinging nettles that tended to attract kids playing and courting couples and make them itch.
"I was born and bred in Manor Park E12 and lived there between 1953 and1967. I met Steve Marriott on a number of occasions as a youngster. Manor Park itself was not known as Itchycoo Park rather it was what us local kids including Steve nicknamed little Ilford Park due to the horrendous amount of stinging nettles there. It is still there at the bottom of Church Road E12 now minus the nettles. Hope this authentic info puts you right." (Anthony Wragg)
Tony Quinlan claims that it was NOT Ilford Park but Little Ilford Park in Manor Park E12... But who really cares about the exact location ?! Better listen to the song !

Rocket ads

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