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Filo Loco

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Ne touchez pas aux dentelles

J Dirik , coll. Paprika, 1953.

Le Paris sous Paris

By Maurice Barrois, Hachette, 1965. Journey into Paris underground.


SELF, 1946.

L'amour chez les fous

By Roger Salardenne, Editions Prima, 1933. Illustrations by Pol Ferjac. Study about love habits among the lunatics in french asylums. To know more about this book, run to our Losfeld's post !

Free Wheeler

James Weir. New English Library. 1975.

Le sosie de la Morgue

Coll. Crimes et Criminels. Calmann-Lévy. Claude Luxel. 1935.

Back Street Heroes

Spring 89 issue of Back Street Heroes...Special 10th kent edition...Hey Bjorn, what's up my fellow biker ? ;-) And don't miss the Bulldog Bash 09 !!!


Still alive and kicking asses !

Guess who's back ?!


Hot leather

Unterm Dirndl wird gejodelt

I don't have any idea about the meaning of this title ! Thx to Christophe Bier.

Vince Taylor

From "Descentes de police" by Thierry Ardisson and Jean-Luc Maitre, Ed. Love me tender/Business Multimedia, 1984.


From Robots by Jasia Reichardt, Thames and Hudson Ltd, 1978.

Les Causes Célèbres

Editions de la Flamme d'Or. 1954-1955. True crime novels, under the direction of André Locard, famous french forensic pioneer.


Quaterly french sci-fi collection. 1975-1979. Then annual until 1990. Brilliant, inovative collection runned by Jacques Sadoul and Yves Frémion. Nice covers, fine stories and interesting reviews...