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Filo Loco

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Magic powder

From Brasil. And believe me, it works!


Clown covers

You know what? I hate these guys. Hey, what about a new challenge Losfeld and Robo? Any bad clown cover welcome!


Di Rosa scoot

There was a time (early 90's) I rode this Docteur Tube bike with Di Rosa's heroes painted on it. Flashy bike but fitted good with those years! Now, I'm more into black paints!


Photonovels - Ed. Bel Air

Other great productions by our favourite André Guerber.


Byzance - Jean Lombard

French book from 1901 illustrated by artist Auguste Leroux (1871-1954), famous for his "art nouveau" style and later for his ballerinas paintings. The author, Jean Lombard (1854-1891), self-taught, proletarian and anarchist lived in misery and died young! His two most known novels are: L'Agonie (1888) about mad roman emperor Heliogabal and Byzance (1890) about the greek city, its luxury and intrigues. Octave Mirbeau saw Lombard as a real genius.


J'ai Lu - sci-fi collection promotional leaflet

Win 10 original cover artworks! Answer before 15 september 1978.



At Springfield Punx, Canadian artist Dean T. Fraser "simpsonizes" super heroes his own way. From Batman, Wonder Woman to Jay Leno, Captain Kirk, David Letterman...

Secrets d'hotels

Funny souvenir book, signed by Monsieur Pierre, a retired "valet de chambre". 1968.


Chéribibi magazine

French readers you have to read (first find!) this cool and interesting mag about worldwide popular culture. B-movies, weird music (ska, oï...), trash and noire literature, revolution... Everything that we love here! Reminds me somewhere the french mag Cultures (old post) with a "political" point of view. Great work to be discovered! Subscribe, participate here: asso.onyva@gmail.com and check that!


Les prisonniers de Morstanhill - Jean Ray

Nice cover for this short novel for young boys by Jean Ray.



Here I'm with King Santo, cooking some Deadlicious pies for restaurant La Lucha Libre grand opening in Paris.