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Filo Loco

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Airfix - Civil War HO sets

Saturday I found these two sets, mint condition, never opened...


On sale!

Another great selection of weird ads. From various 70's french mags.


Paper Pope - Cheap Ass Toys paper cut-out

Do your Pope yourself... and much more by Rob Nance.


3D glasses


CBS promo-photo 1978

Can you name a few? Here are the ones I did: Dick van Dyke, Jack Lord, Ernest Borgnine, Martin Landau, John Forsythe, Linda Carter, Ron Howard, Adrienne Barbeau, Zsa-Zsa/Eva Gabor, Telly Savalas, Danny Kaye, Walter Cronkite, Alfred Hitchcock… Any help welcome!



Found on the excellent weirdo toys.


Manual de Lucha Libre

Make new friends, practise wrestling!


Tarot cards

I've never played again since my highschool years, but this set calls me for allnight games! Thx to Libération.

Goldorak - Gum cards

I hope the gums were better than the cards!