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CPE covers

By Arthur Jacmi. CPE, 1958. Covers by Jihel.

Plastic things


Eroselect. EDH, Lyon, 1978.

Leisure girls

EDPG, Paris, 1956.

Modern Monsters

Monsters artwork by 16 year old Edward Naha (Linden, NJ) in Modern Monsters, issue #1, June 1966.

Miss Honda - Léo Lustig

Euredif, Collection Aphrodite, Paris, 1972. Erotic novel about a naked girl (under her leather jacket !) riding a CB 750 Four !


Kriminal, Les Editions de Poche, isuue #1 & 5, 1966 - 1967

La femme et son maitre

Cover by Jacques Blondeau. Ed. Presses Internationales in coll. Amour et Violence

Captain Diabolic - Forest

By André Monnier, Editions Ludographiques Françaises (Nice), Collection du Triangle Elfé, 1959. And cover by Forest !


Hell's Angels - Hunter S. Thompson

Last wednesday was a sad day for me. BUT, I was lucky enough to find this ultimate collector, when I was haunting the 9th district of Paris, waiting for a phone call. Among a lot of shit, IT was waiting for me ! The first french edition of Hell's Angels from 1979 in Speed 17 collection. And extra bonus inside : a vintage support sticker and the signature of an original Crimée MC France (Prospect Chapter) member, few months before they became officialy the first Hells Angels Chapter in France. So, notice on the back cover the "approved" logo. It meant a lot of troubles for the publishers (sorry Jean-Pierre and Philippe ;)) because they used it without any permission as the Paris Chapter didn't even exist at the time ! Not so sad day indeed for such a collector !


Satan conduit le bal - Georges Anquetil

Anquetil's book, Satan leads the ball (1925), denounces orgies, bacchanalias and lubricious spectacles of every sort that are seen as a nervous desease of our democracy. Interesting pamphlet.



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