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Thomas Owen

Born Gérald Bertot in 1910 in Belgium (died in 2002), Thomas Owen is another writer I especially appreciate. Friend of Jean Ray and Stanislas-André Steeman, he first wrote a lot of detective short novels but became more reknown for his horror short novels.


Sexy Western

Editions Le Scorpion, Belgium, 1975.


Call of Cthulhu

From Chaosium Inc 1982. Greatest role-playing in the lovecraft tradition of gothic horror!



Eartha Kitt - 1927-2008

Evil !

Les dents du Tigre - Bob Morane

One great Bob Morane story (among many!)... With the collectible secret map!


Moteur Coupez ! Jean Rollin

French director Jean Rollin wrote his autobiography. Full of "making of" anecdotes, encounters, souvenirs and statements about "underground" cinema. And with this limited and signed edition, they offer you his last film starring Ovidie, "La nuit des horloges" on dvd!


Carnal comics

Lowbrow comic stuff from Carnal Comics. Carnal Comics is one of the better known Adult comic publishers & has been publishing comics since 1992. Over a hundred different titles have been published, most co-created with various stars and directors of adult feature films.


Rogues in the House - Robert E. Howard

Rogues in the House is a 1976 collection of two fantasy short stories written by Robert E. Howard featuring Conan the Barbarian. The book was published in 1976 by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. as volume VI of their deluxe Conan set. The title story originally appeared in the magazine Weird Tales. "The Frost–Giant's Daughter" is the original version of the story that first appeared, edited by L. Sprague de Camp, in the magazine Fantasy Fiction. Limited to 3000 ex and illustrated by Marcus Boas.


Jimmy Pantera and Los Tigres del Ring at Ankama Convention #3

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Lovecraft & R.E Howard poems

Bilingual edition of poems by H.P Lovecraft and R. E Howard. Neo, 1987-1988. Illustrations by Nicollet.