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Filo Loco

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Kinji Fukasaku - Message from space

1978. By the great Kinji Fukasaku, with Vic Morrow (Twilight Zone, Blackboard Jungle...).


Choppers in Paris

Early 70's in Paris.

Deadlicious in Elle Magazine ! - Aure Uzi

Well, actually we're more into bad mags...but cool to see ourselves in Elle Belgique ! Anything wrong ?! Thx to Aure Uzi. Check out her street style posts on the Elle blog.


We need you - Looking for THE Deadlicious hispanic voice

Yes, you may help us ! We have 3 cool clips being made and we are looking for a male voice saying with a real hispanic accent : " Deadlicious, handmade rock'n'roll pastries to die for !".... Send us your mp3 files ! Record yourself, your brother, your neighbour or the real Danny Trejo and send your stuff to filo@deadlicious.com . The clips will be put on youtube, dailymotion... Thank you hispanic nation !


Weird Sweetzerland - Camille Jeanne

Let me introduce you Camille. I met her in Paris some time ago, now living in Geneva and still drawning strange and beautiful things in her own very special way ! Go on Camome ! But what the hell is happenning between Switzerland and french girlz for they're all running over there ?!


La Guerre Infernale - Robida-Giffard

The story of the WWII writen years before the WWI ! La Guerre Infernale, great illustrations by Albert Robida. Ed. Albert Méricant. 1908.

That's entertainment - Dice party

Bikes, birds, booze... let's barty ! Cool stuff at Dice blog.


Une toute petite erreur

International Pocket, 1973.



Great portrait of french director Jean-Pierre Mocky. By our friend Ollivier Hersart.

Barbarian's MC

For those who rode harleys in France during the very early 90's, here's a piece of history ! Never forget Freddy, Barbarian's MC pres. shot to death as prospect MC France and buried as full patch member.


Forfaiture - André de Lorde

Forfaiture by André de Lorde and Maurice Landay. Ed. Jules Tallandier. Coll. Cinéma-Bibliothèque. With photos from the movie by M. Hector Turbull and Cecil Mill. 1922.


Rock Comptines

Text Igwal, illustrations Caro, Phil. Le Dernier Terrain Vague, 1980.