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L'extravagant W.C Fields

Robert L. Taylor. Lattès, 1974.

Tourists trapped in Marrakech

On Djemaa El-fna square in Marrakech with Jimmy. Actually, I think that the snakes are more trapped than us, no hooks and totally stoned !


Days off in Morocco

I'm going to Morocco with Jimmy Pantera for few days. Trying to set up some business there.... No more post untill thursday !
Dalila, Sirène du Désert. Maurice Dekobra. Le Livre Artistique. Paris. 1961. Cover by Aslan.

Learning to ride

Early 70's. Happy days when getting a license was easy !

In the King's Cadillac Eldorado

Elvis manager Joe Esposito was the first owner of this 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. The King was obviously in a good mood when he gave it to him after a concert in Denver. Since then, a long list of owners have had to pay cash. Kjell and his family are the current owners (2002). Photos Camilla Isene in Carl's Cars, second issue 2002.


David Lynch by night

At the Galeries Lafayette, Paris, David Lynch created 11 shop windows. Visit them untill the 8th of October.

Laurie Lipton

Laurie Lipton



Les Editions Janvier. 1972.

Guinness - Happy anniversary !

Have one today to its 250 years anniversary !


Los Tigres del Ring tee shirt - New arrival

Our partner in crime Jimmy just re-issued his collector Lost Tigres del ring tees. Order yours before you see your neighbor wearing one ! Only 24 euros, paypal, shipping included. Email at jimmypantera@gmail.com


Turkish delight - Evli Kadinlar Için Metres Tehlikesi Nedir ?

If a turkish reader can translate the title... Insan hayati serisi, 1956.

Le Dragon Volant du Piz Maluns

Emile Waldvogel. Payot. Lausanne, 1947.


The art of rebellion

go !


Adventures in space

By Joseph Greene, illustrations Giannini. Editions des Deux Coqs d'Or. 1967





Editions Brandt. 1969.


Support your local Big G

Fresh from Japan with Big G.

Willy Deville - 1953-2009

In Les Inrockuptibles. Janvier-Fevrier 1992.Interview by Serge Kaganski, photo by Renaud Monfourny.Ok I'm late but it's never too late right ?


Faces of Paris

Photo by Vincent Mallea. ;-) Sid & Miss Vegas.

The Silver Scream

Poems about horror movies, spookily illustrated ! Text by David Lord Porter, illustrations by Patrick Couratin, Henri Galeron, Keleck. Harlin Quist Book, 1980