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Filo Loco

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Dave Decat

This belgian illustrator digs all the stuff we love here. From The Meteors to Clovis Trouille, from Melville to Chéri-Bibi...


French police literature

Here are some cool covers from "Le Petit Roman Policier", small soft covers. Published in France by Ferenczi during the 30's.

Lucha Libre photographs

Found in french edition of Geo #150 (August 1991). All pix by Theodore Vogel.

Americana flash set - Mike Giant

Here are iconic images, many over a century old. As symbols, the designs reference the days of old, while at the same time their meaning remains relevant in the present. Another great work by Mike Giant.


Ralph Izzard - The Abominable Snowman Adventure

Several expeditions have been organized to track down the Yeti, but none have found more than footprints and questionable artifacts like scalps and hides. The Daily Mail backed an enormous expedition, the "1954 Yeti Everest Expedition", putting Izzard in charge. The team was made up of several respected scientists, including zoologist Charles Stonor, Tom Stobart, Dr. Biswamoy Biswas, and Gerald Russell, who had assisted in the capture of the first live Panda. With 250 coolies in tow, the Yeti Expedition succeeded in scaring the hell out of everything on Everest for the 6 months it was in the field. Though the expedition never recovered a Yeti, it did track several trails of footprints.


Creepy cover art

That's my selection of Creepy covers I like...Frazetta, Gogos, Morrow...