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Filo Loco

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Coquin de fakir

Editions du Bois de Boulogne. Ange Bastiani.


La tueuse - Grand Guignol

Program. 1955. Illustration Paul Colin.

Star Wars


Clarence Cooper - La scène

Gallimard. 1969. Coll. Poche Noire

Max - Le roi du monde

One of the weirdest books I ever read ! Ed. Galiera. 1974. Read the excellent reviews (in french) about Max and Hubert Burger by Robo and Losfeld.

Famous Monsters paperbacks


Roger Pierre - 1923-2010

Voulez-vous les jouer avec moi ? 25 sketches. Ed. L'Amicale. 1978.

Motorcycle enthusiast

yes, I'am.

Le Journal du Dr. Frankenstein

Charles Herridges. Alexander Mosley Publications. 1980.


Ma Vespa, ma femme et moi

Daniel Sauvage et Françoise. Gallimard. 1959. Scootering around Mediterranean sea.



Olivier Martel. Daytona 1979.

Georges Simenon

Marabout Flash. 1959.


Une Exposition Fantastique

Our friends over at EENC set up an exhibition during the festival Fantastic'Art 2010. Works by Tanxxx, Olli Mighty, Eric Antoine, les E.E.N.C, Steve Seiler, Elise Calame (Affiche Moilkan), Matthias Malingrey, Mathieu Zanelatto, Rémi Métral, Mathieu Garcia, Louis Picard etc...

Our chokies available now online !

You can order them from our big house site ! Sorry we can't ship to USA because of the food administration and customs. We work to solve this....


L'Ecran Fantastique

Issue #3 (2nd serie). 1973. 3D pages.



The Love 1 year anniversary party seen by the Fashion Serial Killer. Lot of great photos here.


Inkubi & Sukkubi - Michael Hutter

Impressive work by german artist Michael Hutter.

Grand Guignol - Program

Program from the 07/12/1960. 3 great plays with Denise Dax, Eddy Ghilain, Jimmy Gaillard...