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Timpo Toys

The English company Timpo Toys was founded 1938. In the postwar years car and airplane models as well as animal, civilian and military figures were manufactured. In 1962/63 Norman Tooth became technical director of the company, to make a completely new production procedure. This was the birth of now rare and valuable series as the three Captain Scarlett figures and innumerable cowboys, Mexicans, yankees and confederates, Guards, Romans, knights, farm figures, Arabs, camel riders and Foreign Legionnaires developed until 1970. To me, Timpo is first a strong plastic smell which makes me fly back to the 70's.

1 comment:

Melvyn said...

Ah Pity I did not keep the Timpo figures I was given by the owners the company ! My parents much the same ages as Timpo's owners also Jewish refugees were in the same circle of friends.

Another family were invloved in plastic things but cannot rememeber their names.

I was also given other fabulous toys e.g. Geraman made clockwork Mercedes pre-war car to assemble
over a foot long. This was about1950-56 at a guess when I was 6 to 12 yrs old