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French punk literature - Eudeline & Pacadis

In Paris, in the early 70's a small group of very young people, they are often hardly 20 years old, reinvents the musical current events, moving it towards the underground. Yves Adrien is a pure dandy. Very marked by the New York scene - New York Dolls, Velvet, Stooges, MC5, Sweep, Television. They oppose violently to the progressive rock of moment, Adrien likes nothing as long as his electric, city and night-brutality. Big theorist of the music, he feels that the future is there, and pulls in its continuation Patrick Eudeline ("Asphalt Jungle") and Alain Pacadis ("Liberation" journalist). They have their places, in the first rank of which The Open Market, store of vinyls created by Marc Zermati, who allowed them to discover these groups among which the name and even less vinyls had then crossed the Channel nor the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes selected by Yves Adrien, who is a time salesman there. In 1977, both Pacadis and Eudeline published 2 cult books about punk movment and Paris club nightlife.

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