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Hara Kiri - French stupid and evil magazine

In 1960, Georges Bernier (Professeur Choron), Cavanna and Fred Aristides created the monthly satirical magazine Hara-Kiri. Hara Kiri Hebdo, its weekly counterpart, was first published in 1969. Other collaborators included Reiser, Roland Topor, Moebius, Wolinski, Gébé, Cabu, Delfeil de Ton, Fournier, Deadlicious friend Jean-Pierre Bouyxou and Willem.
Hara Kiri editions, subtitled "Journal bête et méchant" (Stupid and evil magazine), were constantly aiming at established powers, be they political parties or institutions like the Church or the State. In 1961 and 1966 the monthly magazine was temporarily banned by the French Government. I don't know any of other mag which went so far into provocation.

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