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Twisted Tales - Pacific comics

Twisted Tales was published on a bi-monthly schedule by Pacific Comics from November 1982 to May 1984 (8 issues). After Pacific went bankrupt, two final issues were published by Eclipse Comics in November and December 1984. all of the stories in the entire run of Twisted Tales were written by Bruce Jones, who had shown a knack for horror a decade before when he was employed as a scripter for Warren Publishing, writing for their Creepy and Eerie titles. Jones, a self-described "child of the 50’s", was heavily influenced by the horror and science fiction movies of that decade. But as noted in his editorial in Issue #1, his chief inspiration was the bloody and ironically moralistic tales of the EC horror comics. His work in Twisted Tales added huge dollops of graphic violence and sexuality to the EC formula, complete with copious female nudity, making the title a definite “adults only” item; several issues sported a “Recommended For Mature Readers” warning on the cover.

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The Creature said...

These are some of the best horror comics ever published! Great cover scans guys, thanks so much for posting this.