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Lunchbox museum

Have you ever expected to find 1000s of luncboxes in a museum, especially one above a country-music radio station ? Then welcome to Rivermarket Antiques, home of the largest Lunch Box Museum in the world, located in Columbus, Ga. Allen Woodall owns the station and the museum. He began collecting lunch boxes a mere four years ago, because, as he puts it, "they're just so neat!" He now has more than 1,000 lunch boxes and related items, including thermoses, coolers and even tobacco tins that doubled as lunch boxes.

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Anonymous said...

River Market Antique Mall and Lunchbox Museum has moved from 3226 Hamilton Road, Columbus, GA to 318 10th Avenue (Old Farmers Market location), Columbus, GA 31901. Any questions call 706-653-6240. Hours of operation Tue.-Sun. 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. Adults $5 Children under 6-FREE, over 6 $3.