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New York City street gangs in the 70's

Dirty, dangerous, and destitute. This was New York City in the 70's. Pimps, hookers, and drug dealers owned the night. Crime was rampant, and the police were powerless to stop it. Random killings by the "Son of Sam" made New Yorkers even more fearful. The "Black Spades" was one of the largest and most violent Black street gangs in NYC during the 70's. During its heyday, it reportedly had 29 chapters in The Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The "Black Spades" arose out of the "Savage Seven" because of the increasing number of members.
In the year '68 they started to terrorize their neighbourhood and with their activities they laid the groundwork for something that domineered the Bronx during the next 6 years: Streetgangs. Within shortest time gangs appeared on every street corner and names like "Black Spades", "Savage Skulls", "Seven Immortals", "Seven Crowns", "Savage Nomads", "Ching A Ling"(starting out as a street gang in the early 60's and influenced by the Hells Angels the Ching A Lings eventually evolved into a famous motorcycle club), "Black Skulls", "Latin Kings", "Young Lords", "Ghetto Brothers" and many others could be seen everywhere.



thank you so much for put this gang's pic! im student of a dance called rocking or brooklyn rock,this dance was developed in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn between 1967 and 1968 by two men: "Rubberband Man" and "Apache". Rubberband Man and Apache were all too familiar with these violent times; they grew up in the Bushwick area. They often hung around with the "Devil Rebels" and other local Brooklyn gangs,so they created a new dance form called "Rocking". they would dance on the street corners while listening to the radio. They used a mixture of moves from Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Salsa, and later the Hustle.
Uprock is a soulful, competitive street dance. It is danced in synchronization to the rhythms of Soul, Rock and Funk music,By the early 70's Uprocking became a local dance, not just a "gang dance". Many non-gang-related youths from around the area started Uprocking. This dance appeared at block parties, teen dances, and many other festive gatherings. A man by the name of "Crazy Rob" organized the first Uprock contests in existence. Competition was fierce and Brooklyn became a breeding ground for intense dance contests (commonly known as battles). by the way thank you one more time for this pics ! my email is marseluksb@hotmail.com hip me up peace!

KinG KLaST said...

All Photos Are From My Website And Forum, Check Them Out!


Pliz said...

King klast; You da man !

Anonymous said...

this is Moraco givin' a shout out to all the boys up in the hood, peace to all from So. Florida, I'm outie

josejsanchezjr said...

I respect the devil rebels from back thennn now

Anonymous said...

Been many years. I'm Lefty from S. N. mother chapter Mt. Eden. To all my brothers and sisters that are gone Rest In Peace. To all the ones who made it out kudos. The Bronx was indeed burning back then but, has definitely made a vast majority of improvements. Hats off to the Ghetto Brothers for the peace meeting December 8, 1971. Right after Black Benjie got buried, Charlie and Blackie did the right thing. Not to avenge Benjie but, to keep the peace. That truce was an important part of gang history.