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Christina Lindberg - Thriller

Also known as Thriller - en grym film - They Call Her One Eye - Thriller - Hooker’s Revenge (Sweden - 1974). Directed by Bo Arne Vibenius. 70's American cinema seemed to have a fairly tight headlock on the revenge film, with amazing blood and guts classics like Rolling Thunder, Death Wish, Taxi Driver, Hardcore, and the Billy Jack flicks. Thriller tells the story of Frigga (Christina Lindberg) an innocent young woman who'd been rendered mute by a traumatic childhood sexual attack and her search for blood and revenge years later. Thriller not only raised the bar on the revenge flick with it's alarming violence, it also leaped over it with some fairly disturbing graphic sex. So edgy was this film that Thriller gained infamy by being the first film ever to be banned in Sweden. And I always thought the Swedes were supposed to be so progressive!

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