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Librairie Temps Futurs - Paris science fiction bookshop memorabilia

Founded in 1973 by Stan and Sophie Barets, this cult bookshop was THE place in Paris for any sf, fantasy or comics lover and closed its doors in the late 80's. "Album", more specialized in comics took its place, but it's another (his)story (yes Yves, I'll talk of you another time !). It was at Temps Futurs where mixed Jean-Pierre Dionnet (Jean-Pierre, you see I found enough space to talk about you !), Philippe Druillet, Serge Clerc... And I remember haunting the place for hours each week ! Among the guys working at TF at the time, remember Patrick Gaumer, José-Louis Bocquet... And my lost friend Bruno Terrier.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories. Last time I heard of him, Bruno Terrier worked in one the MK2 stores in Paris.