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Norman Saunders - Mars attacks

The Mars Attacks trading card series was created by Topps and painted by Norman Saunders over pencil roughs by Wally Wood and finished pencil art by Bob Powell. Originally released in 1962, the cards, written by Len Brown and Woody Gelman, told an outrageous story of the invasion of Earth by cruel, hideous Martians. Scenes depicted usually showed the bizarre methods of attack, torture and slaughter the Martians used. They included being fired at with rayguns, attacked by Martian-controlled giant robots and insects, and flying saucers. The 55-card series developed a cult following and has been reprinted occasionally, most recently in 1994.

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Col Korn said...

Wow! Now aint that sumptin! I had me a whole wheelbarrow o thm cards when I was a kid an not only that but them cicil war cards an some others that showed Japs cuttin off some dudes ballz!(An Natzis Rapin some wimmen in doungenz an whatnot!!!) Well, us kids couldent get enough an I sure do wish I had some to pass on to future generations! I say that dudez art roks the house an there aint been nobody better since him! Well, we got some fellers at the studio I work at that are pretty darn good sos maybe I better shut up. Im a gonna ax um ta make me some cards next time I see um on break an see what they can do! I aint expectin much though...these fellerz work too hard to be any good...
Your Obt Svt,
Col. Korn,
Chief O security an waste desposal,
OXOjamm Studios.