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Mister Ducktail - Would you have a cut ?

Mister Ducktail is a barber and operated a shop in France by the same name. The shop was a greaser's delight. The vanity well stocked with tins of grease which he applied while the jukebox was playin' classic Rock 'n' Roll tunes. The walls had old 50s Rock 'n' Roll photographs, and the cool kats were hangin' out. And one day, Mr. Ducktail moved from his shop, planning to go to London! His shop in South France is closed now and greasers from all around showed up with their vintage cars and motorcycles for a last day gathering at the barbershop where they once came to socialize, hear some tunes on the old jukebox, and get their hair cut. But, at this time, Mr Ducktail still operates in Toulouse at his wife Miss Betty's shop, waiting for a new location in London.

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