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Christa Faust - Noir writer

Christa Faust calls herself: “a writer, a cynical, hardboiled bitch with a fetish for noir cinema, tattoos and seamed stockings. I’m older than you think and younger than I feel. I’ve got great gams and perfect size five feet, if you can handle the razor-edged tongue that goes with them." Is that enough for you little dudes ? No ? So listen to that, Christa recently became the “First Lady of Hard Case Crime” when her novel Money Shot was acquired by Hard Case Crime. Hey, I must confess that I don't know so much about her work. I only had the opportunity to read that special Poppy Z. Brite file in French mag "Ténèbres" where she appears and her "Hoodtown" in english. I loved it. This girl rules. I'm gonna steal here the rest of her books.

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