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The Warriors - New York mythology

This movie, directed by Walter Hill in 1979, tells the story of nine Coney Island gang members, and the girl they pick up along their way, who must bop their way back to their home turf after they are falsely accused of killing a powerful leader at a city wide meeting of the gangs in the Bronx... This amazing movie went on to be the greatest cultural impact. 25 years later its surreal vision of New York has had an influence not only in film, but also in realms including music, fashion and art. It’s a thrilling, brutal, vibrant and sometimes hilarious movie. It’s also weird as shit. Still, The Warriors is one of the few cult classics whose quality actually surpasses its kitsch appeal. Among the gangs fighting each others, I find my favourite are the Base Ball Furies. Remember, they wear base ball gear and carry base ball bats. Filthy guys, aren't they ?

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