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Psychotronic 1989-2007 RIP

Some people are fans of B movies, and then there’s Michael Weldon. Michael quite literally wrote the books on the wild, weird and wonderful world of horror, science fiction, and exploitation movies with The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film (1983) and its sequel The Psychotronic Video Guide (1996). Since 1989 he’s also self published Psychotronic Video Magazine. What the heck is a psychotronic movie, you ask? Michael defines the term thusly: “My original idea with that word is that it’s a two part word. “Psycho” stands for the horror movies, and “tronic” stands for the science fiction movies. I very quickly expanded the meaning of the word to include any kind of exploitation or B-movie.” But...now it's over...This Bible doesn't exist anymore...Gone straight to Hell !

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