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Curt Hoppe - Man of action !

Curt Hoppe was born in Minnesota and works and lives in New York. His large sized paintings are done from photographs of burlesque shows in Gotham city, they reveal his quest to grab the unusual, the punk, the kitch and turn them into colorful replicas of a-political politics, far from the dreary reality of what the US is undergoing right now. It is hyper-realist, yet it isn’t photorealism. He collaborates with his models who all have some extraordinary and unusual backgrounds. Like the fat lady who’s a professor at Columbia university and does one women shows at night in burlesque theatres... Show at la B*A*N*K gallery, 42 rue Volta, Paris 3eme.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see that Hoppe hasn't lost his groove after years of drying out and clearing his head. He's never been easy to classify, but unlike so many hyper-realists his work borders on the street and political pop, he has always honored and respected his subject matter no matter where he found it. Who knows what's next? Maybe he will treat us to another helping of the sexual-political-social sarcasm with which he flooded the pages of Screw and Hustler magazines in the 80's. Whatever the hipster recluse is up to, you know its great shit!

Anonymous said...

j'ai attrappe son expo a la gallery la bank. je pense toutefois que le show a ete ombrage par joe colman au palais du japon. les peintures de hoppe ont apportees quelquechose de different a la scene de l' art parisien.je comprends le buzz entre le downtown de manhattan et williamsburg in brooklyn. c'est comme un groupe trop cru pour un contrat de maison de disque. le temps fera la difference.....