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Satanik photonovel

Satanik ("Killing" in the original Italian edition) is a terrifying and diabolical master criminal. Totally without mercy, Satanik mostly goes after other criminals, usually to steal their loot or whatever they're after. His real identity remains unknown. No one knows who he is. Satanik uses a special brand of flesh-like masks he designed to make himself look like any of his targets. He also uses darts filled with Mjanico, the "green death", an Amazonian poison which kills its victims slowly and painfully. Satanik's only companion is his lover, the equally mysterious Dana, probably the only person in the world to know his secret identity. Dana ably assists Satanik in his criminal endeavors. Satanik's nemesis is Inspector Mercier, a smart, relentless policeman who is always hot on his trail, but somehow loses every time. Satanik was published in France and distributed worldwide until government censorship forced its cancellation after 19 issues. But, a friend of mine told me that he saw issues 20, 21, 22 in Pierre Charles collection ! Also see the movie adaptation (Danger Diabolik by Mario Bava) and his cool american version Sadistik.

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Diabolikal Super Kriminal said...

See SATANIK covers 20 through 22 at http://www.gosadistik.com/page17.html