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Métal Hurlant

Métal Hurlant is this famous French magazine of science fiction published of the first quarter 1975 (1977 for the American edition Heavy Metal) until August 1987 by Humanoïdes Associés (Humanos). In this December 1974, Moëbius, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Philippe Druillet and Bernard Farkas decide to create their own magazine of science fiction which they name Métal Hurlant. In this first edition, they give their own production (Arzach, Les Armées du Conquérant).
The beginnings are modest and this first number comprises only sixty-eight pages (including eighteen color by counting the cover) and is published only quarterly. The model is of Etienne Robial which also designs a title which, starting from the number two, becomes the official title. Without surprise, taking into account the ideological context of the time, this publication will be censured and reserved to the adults until January 1978.

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