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An history of barbecue

Most people view Kansas City as the beginnings for barbecue in the United States. In my opinion a closer look at the North American Indian is necessary. They used natural herbs, seasonings, spices, and a variety of wild berries to add flavor to a variety of ways of drying, curing, grilling, roasting, and smoking various wild game and fish. Barbecue, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means "to roast or broil on a rack over hot coals or on a revolving spit before or over a source of heat". I think it is pretty safe to say that BBQ has been around since the stone age when man invented fire. He started to cook over an open fire. Long time before the Indians. And also before Indians, the Gaulois had their own BBQ. But why talking about BBQ in that blog ? I must be tired.

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