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Gwar - plastic killers

The thrash metal shock rock band formed in 1985 is still out there. As Beavis and Butt-head’s favorite band, Gwar is now a cult figure in the Pantheon of sub-trash culture. In every performance, during or between songs, the group and its slaves mutilate or execute, under eyes opened wide by the amused spectators, a handle of politicians and personalities - as Schwarzenegger, Tyson, Reagan, Bush and the others Paris Hilton. The band also makes frequent references to political and historical figures, fantasy littrature, and mythologie. Gwar also has many references to Lovecraft's themes (Antarctica, Yig, Giant Penguins, Fleshy Insanities... etc) as well as Warhammer 40 k (Plasma Cannons,Plague Infection Barges, slaanesh Chaos Champions obsessed with pleasure and violence). In addition, the title of their fifth album RagNaRok comes from Norse mythologie.

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