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Big Blek

Blek le roc, is a comics character created in Italy by the studio EsseGesse consisted of Giovanni Sinchetto, Dario Guzzon and Pietro Sartoris in 1954 for the Italian publisher Dardo. It was published during 650 parts until 1967 before a dispute sets the authors to the publisher. It is Lug who will publish the whole adventures of Blek in France. First in black and white in Kiwi, then in its own name magazine, republishing its adventures in colors. Numerous covers were realized by Jean Frisano. When the original stories were exhausted, new ones were created by Carlo Cedroni or Nicola del Principe, but also in France by Jean-Yves Mitton, André Amouriq or Ciro Tota. I've always loved this real original character fighting for his freedom during the american Independance war.


Djemaa Pascal said...

Bravo pour cet hommage à Blek le Roc! Je vous invite à venir découvrir mon blog consacré au ciné et au rire. Pascal

Jack said...

I Read "Blek le roc" when I was about 10-11.
Now I am nearly 60. I still remember him !
Nice to write about him.

Anonymous said...

Good Mr. Jack.I have had similar experience.