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Vince Taylor - Man in black

Vince Taylor, of his true name Maurice Brian Holden, been born on July 14th, 1939 in London (England) and died on August 27th, 1991 to Lutry ( Switzerland), is a British rock singer who made the main part of its career in France. He was very popular in the 1960s.
Vince Taylor occurred on scene dressed in a suit of black leather, copied to that of the Gene Vincent, who gave him a look of bad boy. His black leather suits are worth to him the sympathy of numerous fans. In 1962, Vince Taylor and the Playboys are in the highlight of their glory. But Vince enters then a crisis of mysticism, stressed by the explosive cocktail, alcohol and drugs. It is the fall. I was enough lucky to met him few years before he passed away (88 ?). He was living in Paris at a friend's home. He didn't talk at all, seemed to be lost somewhere...

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