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Suzzanna - 1942-2008

Indonesia's Black Magic Woman ! Suzzanna started out as a child actress and later became one of the biggest stars of Indonesian horror cinema. She was awarded the Best Child Actress Award at the 1960 Asian Film Festival and was crowned as Asia's most popular actress at the 1972 Asia-Pacific Film Festival. Indonesians know her as The Indonesian Horror Queen. Filmography:
Girl's Dormitory(1958), Penanggalan (1967), Birth in the Tomb (1972), Queen of Black Magic(1979), The Hungry Snake Woman (1982), Sangkuriang (1982), Sundelbolong (1982), Samson dan Delilah (1987), Hantu Ambulance (2008). Thanx to Jean-Pierre Bouyxou for this info that I didn't know!

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Undead Film Critic said...

QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC is a bona fide classic. Thanks for this update. I was not aware that she had passed.