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Filo Loco

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Arnould Galopin - Le docteur Omega

Arnould Galopin (1863-1934) is a french writer known for his sci-fi and detective novels. He created Ténébras (sort of Fantomas) and Allan Dickson (ancestor of Harry Dickson).


Balaoo said...

I have the spanish edition in "folletin". The best of the best!
Un abrazo,


Will said...

Is Galopin also the illustrator? I really love that last image of evil, flashlight-wielding demon children. Thanks for sharing them. Also dig the HG Wells illustrations you posted recently.

filo said...

galopin didn't draw (as far as I know!) the illustrations are signed by rapeno (?)...thx for your cool words!
thx to you too my friend balaoo ;)