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Midget postcards

Yes, I already posted about midgets...And I'll do it again ;) Here are some of my favourite midget postcards.


El Presidente said...

Hahahaha where the fuck do you find this shit?!?!

filo said...

hey dude you know that I'm a real fuckin'weirdo!

Miguel Andrade said...

The first 3 pics are the actors Harry Earles and Daisy Earles from Freaks and Wizard of Oz.

Brutally Honest said...

You may be my new favorite blog. I've got a Major Mite postcard you don't have! And as previously mentioned, I see several members of the "Doll Family", some of which were in Freaks. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

No, only the 3rd photo is Harry Earles. Not all midgets look the same, bro