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The Shadoks - Jacques Rouxel

The April 29th, 1968 very exactly, between the TV evening news presented by Léon Zitrone and the evening film, appeared funny bipeds, weak and high on legs, from which the main concern, besides to pump, was to flee a planet multiform by inventing a heap of things which never worked. After two minutes of broadcast, they disappeared in a big crash of crushed glass.
And so Shadoks made their entry to the French ORTF broadcasting scene, to be forbidden by antenna thirteen days later, while in Paris the Latin district was on fire and the country paralyzed by a general strike. Created by Jacques Rouxel (1931-2004) and René Borg, the Shadoks divides French people, the serie is on the stand but their success is right of their detractors and two other series will be diffused in 1970 and in 1973.

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