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Schwinn Sting-ray - New-old school BMX

Ask any american who grew up between '63 and '75 if he ever heard of the Schwinn Sting-Ray and chances are you'll have an instant conversation starter. Not only do most adults of that era know of the Schwinn Sting-Ray, they also remember what it was like to own one -- or want one.
Introduced in 1963, the original Schwinn Sting-Ray changed the world of bikes forever. By 1968, its design dominated bike sales. In that year alone, 70% of all bikes sold in America were either Sting-Rays or Sting-Ray knock-offs. Like most great product ideas, the original Sting-Ray was born from the streets. In the early '60s, muscle cars and motorbikes were all the rage. Kids on the West Coast picked up on this trend, building their own "wheels" from used bike frames retrofitted with customized parts. West Coast kids were especially into dragster embellishments like "Ape Hanger" handlebars and low-rider banana seats. Also look at this already cult-movie. And the new Sting-ray version by Schwinn.

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