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Rock'n'roll 39-59 - Fondation Cartier rocks

That's a première which presents the Fondation: show the time of heroic rock 'n' roll, but also explain it in its social, political, racial, economic, media, cultural context. Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, obviously, but also the graphic revolution of records sleeves and posters, youth press, the segregation in the States of the South, the delight of the show business in front of enormous records sales. To the program : a recording studio with original material of the time, Cadillac, about ten jukeboxes, hundreds of photos, records sleeves, posters, original objects (among which many coming of encyclopaedic collection of the Frenchman Gilles Pétard), films and 200 musical extracts spread by sound "showers" and helmets all along the route... Really, this show rocks !

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