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Papa Oom Mow Mow! The Rivingtons doin' The Bird

1) Face your partner. Place feet together with knees slighty bent, body slighty forward, and arms (wings) out horizontally with elbows bent. Flap "wings" by pushing hands down and elbows up at the same time, then reversing. Meanwhile, raise heels alternately in rapid motion. Occasionally, hop forward (girls hop backwards) or reverse.
2) Clap hands, kick right foot out with heel touching floor while pivoting left foot, into a quarter turn left, while keeping "wings" flapping. Repeat three times, returning to original direction. (Girls do the same, but kick left foot, pivot right foot, and do quarter turns right).
3) Lower left "wing" raise right "wing", and wave fingers (feathers). Start "scooting" left foot forward while pivoting on right foot. Do this for one full turn. Then, reverse position of "wings" and go around to the left.
4) Jump up in the air and "fly". Use your "wings" any way you want. Land in original position.
5) While doing original step, place hands on back of hips with palms out and wave "feathers" while shimmying shoulders.

Recorded in 1962 on a 2 track machine in one take (!) by The Rivingtons.

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