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Filo Loco

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Angelo di Marco

Angelo di Marco is a french news press illustrator. His line is famous in France since di Marco worked for the main french titles. From 1948 to 1990 : "Agence Opéra Mundi", "Paris Graphic", "Ventillard", "Télé 7 jours", "Paris Jour", "Le Journal de Mickey", Ed. Del Duca, Ed. Nuit et jour, "Vie parisienne", "La Presse magazine", "Mode de Paris", "Pif Gadget", Romans et Feuilletons: "Ici Paris", "Mode de Paris", "France Dimanche", "Radar", "Détective", "Le nouveau détective".
From 1990 to 1998 : "Actuel", "Arte" (films Claire Simon), "Auto journal", "Auto moto", Canal+ "Atrox", Canal+ "Journal (Karl Zéro)", "Créa Presse", "Dargaud", "Excelsior Publications", "92 Express", "Fillipacchi Ed.", "France soir", "Gala", "Généreux", "Hachette", "La Gueule Ouverte", "La Vie", "Le Figaro Magazine", "Le Monde", "Le Nouveau Detective", L'Equipe Magazine", "Les Echos", "L'Evenement du Jeudi", "L'Huma Dimanche", "Libération", "L'Yonne Républicaine", "Marianne Maxi", "Nova", "Plongeur International", "Télé K7", "Télé Loisirs", "Télérama", "Télé Star", "Voici", "VSD"... And this guy is still producing !

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