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Pamela Green - Glamourous elegance

Pamela Green is undoubtedly the most important figure, in all senses of the word, in the history of British nude modelling. Her staggering beauty, superb figure and breathtaking artistry were enough to guarantee a prolific career as Britain's leading nude model, while her muscle control and dancer's poise raised the art to previously unimagined levels.But it was as the brains behind Kamera that she did so much to shape the era to which she belongs. Whilst Kamera owes much of its its success to the photographic prowess of Harrison Marks, Pam conceived the magazine, designed the sets, recruited many of the girls, trained them and acted as make up stylist. Thanks Jean-Pierre Bouyxou.

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Chris Ross said...

So very happy to see this appreciation of Pam Green. She has never really received credit for who she is/was and what she did and here is a brilliant encapsulation of this (the fact that it echoes what I have already written and wanted to write is irrelevant!). Absolutely brilliant. As we say, the French have a word for it - but here the French have a phrase, nay, have created a minature masterpiece.