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Bernie Wrightson - Frankenstein postcards

Bernie Wrightson, as most of you probably already know, has done a tremendous amount of good horror comic art. His work on Frankenstein stands out as some of the best of his career. What strikes me about the artwork is the line detail: despite the fact that each image is filled with a tremendous number of lines, each one clearly serves a definite purpose, and the viewer cannot imagine the image without each of them. More importantly, there is a drama and passion to each image that not only stands up to Mary Shelley's great tale, but in fact, enhances it.


P-E Fronning said...

Ah! You are a fan too! Yummy stuff. Thanks. Great blog, I'll be back soon!

jhalal drut said...

il existe une édition française qui doit dater des années 80. Je me souviens l'avoir acheté au siècle dernier chez Boulimier à Saint Mich' !