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The Gore Score - Fantaco Books 1985

Painter and illustrator who writes Chas. Balun is the editor/publisher of the legendary horror magazine Deep Red. The first one to talk about horror films as serious things. Before him, Horror films always seemed to be looked down on as a bastard child of real cinema.
The Gore Score offers thumb nail reviews of horror films released in the 80's. Chas. has devised two rating systems. He assesses the relative merits of each film by assigning from one to four skulls; a little dog is reserved for the irredeemable bow-wows.
Chas. Balun Splatography

Self PublishedMighty High Funnies, 1974
Mighty High Comix, 1975
Spaz Comix 1, 1975
Spaz Comix 2, 1977
Mighty Spazzy, 1979
A Day in the Life of Mr. Hostile, 1980
The Connoisseur’s Guide to the Contemporary Horror Film, 1983
The Connoisseur’s Guide to the Contemporary Horror Film (revised), 1983
The Gore Score, 1985
The Gore Score (second printing), 1985
Deep Red 1, 1986
Deep Red Magazine
Deep Red 1; 1987,
FantaCo Deep Red 2; 1987,
FantaCoDeep Red 3; 1988,
FantaCoDeep Red 4; 1988,
FantaCoDeep Red 5; 1988,
FantaCoDeep Red 6; 1988,
FantaCoDeep Red 7: Special Edition; 1990,
FantaCoDeep Red Alert 1; 1991,
FantaCoDeep Red Alert 2;1992,
FantaCoDeep Red Volume 2, no. 1; 1997,
Blackest Heart Media
CriticismHorror Holocaust; 1986,
FantaCoThe Gore Score; 1987,
FantaCoThe Deep Red Horror Handbook; 1989,
FantaCoThe Connoisseur’s Guide to the Contemporary Horror Film; 1992,
FantaCoBled to Death: Horror Eats Itself; 1994,
ChunkBlow PressMore Gore Score; 1995,
Fantasma BooksLucio Fulci: Beyond the Gates; 1996,
Blackest Heart MediaRed Ink; 1999,
Blackest Heart MediaGore Score 2001; 2000,
Michael Matthews Publishing
NovelsNinth and Hell Street; 1989,
FantaCoDirector’s Cut; 1995, Blackest Heart Media

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