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Daniel "Jivaro" Meurine - Moto anglaise specialist!

"Bigger than life"... That's what you say in English about someone very special, right? Well, Jivaro is "bigger than life"! This guy knows everything about British motorcyles, especially BSA... He's a real "motorcycle enthusiast". I met a lot of riders, bikers or racers during my 25 years of riding, but I never met another Jivaro. He's so unique that Frank Margerin, the french cartoonist (I'll soon post about him) did put Jivaro in various stories. He left Paris few years ago to install his vintage motorcycle repair shop in Auvergne. I didn't see him and his lovely wife Maryse "Jivarette" since that time. Big up to them... If they ever read my stuff!

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Prisamata said...

I think I do recognize the guy from some Margerin comic.

Esperando ese post sobre Frank M.